Civil War

Always Buying Civil War items and antiques including Confederate Swords, Confederate Uniforms, Kepis, Confederate Flags, Confederate Pistols, Revolvers, Muskets, Rifles & Carbines, Confederate Buttons, Confederate Belt Buckles & Belt Plates, D Guard and other Bowie Knives, Confederate Cannons, Confederate Navy Items, Confederate Photographs & Manuscripts, Presentation Swords, Union Uniforms, Swords, Eagle Painted Regimental Drums, Regimental Flags, Bummers Caps, Slouch Hats, Hardee Hats, Fighting Knives, Corps Badges & Medals, Rifles, Carbines, Muskets, Identified Items, Photographs, Cannonballs, Relics, Accouterments, Diaries, Shakos, Gettysburg Relics and all other Civil War Items.

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