Military Art & Civil War Monuments

In order to preserve the catalog raisonne of numerous important artists from possible loss, I am interested in buying or brokering any Civil War Union or Confederate monuments. This effort solely is focused on the preservation of the artist’s work and catalog raisonne and does not support or condone the subject matter represented in the art. I am also interested in purchasing military bronzes and statuary of all kinds from all nations and eras. This includes French, German, British, American, and all other nations. I seek to buy bronzes and statuary depicting military subjects of all matters. This could be from the Napoleonic and Revolutionary Wars through WWI. I also seek to purchase paintings and artwork of all kinds including oil paintings, illustration art and watercolors from all periods and all nations. This includes any military-related artwork including officer portraits, battle scenes, war scenes, and any other images depicting the life of the soldier. Some examples are depicted on this page. Please contact me if you are interested in consultation regarding Civil War Union and Confederate monuments, Military Bronzes & Military Art.

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