World Military Antiques

Always buying English Civil War, Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War and Victorian British Military Items including items from France, England Russia, Germany and other countries. Seeking Flintlock and Percussion Muskets, Pistols, Swords, Flags, Medals, Uniforms, Shakos, Helmets, Hats, Lance Caps, Tcapkas, Belt Buckles, Belt Plates, Cross Belt Plates, Gorgets, Lobster Pot Helmets, Cromwellian Helmets and Armor, Samurai Armor, Samurai Swords, Imperial Russian & German Mitre Helmets, Cannons, Polearms, Halberds, Accouterments, Medals, Military Paintings, Bronzes, Regimental Presentation Silver, Mess Silver, Regimental Drums, Campaign Items and all other military antiques.

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