Appreciate The knowledge and interesting facts you have on the military guns that were handed down to me by my late sister. I was given a fair price, actually a very good evaluation of what I had. I am happy knowing they will go to buyers who appreciate them. Thanks, Karlan’s.

Brenda Brooks

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Peter purchased a shotgun I inherited from the 1860s. He is very professional and fair. I highly recommend him. A+++++

David Riedlinger

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This man is amazing. The wealth of knowledge he has for a wide range of things is amazing in it’s self. Not to mention he came to our house and was very pleasant and made a fair offer on our items. We would definitely do business with him again. You couldn’t ask for a nicer person to do business with.

Sharyl Greene

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I was impressed with how responsive & knowledgeable Mr. Karlan is. He was very easy to work with and straightforward. Would definitely do business with him again.

Heather Brannon

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Pete came out to see my father’s navy relics, he was prompt and very knowledgeable about the items I had. Pete was very sensitive to the deep family meaning of these objects, there was no pressure applied and at the end of the day we both came out feeling good about the deal. Pete also showed me the museum this merchandise was going to. I felt great that my father’s incredible career will be there for people to see for years to come. I highly recommend dealing with Pete if you have military merchandise.

Jack Q

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Very professional and courteous service. I got a speedy reply on the appraisal of my item. Highly recommend.

Crystal Pratt

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It was a pleasure working w Peter. He was accommodating and met me so I didn’t have to drive so far. Not many people will do that. Thank you for making the extra effort.

Matthew Lanner

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Peter was great through the whole process of selling a couple antique firearms I had. He was quick to respond, and extremely fair with his price. He called the UPS store before I showed up to ship them so I had no problems. I highly recommend Peter Karlan for any antique gun sale.

Trent Noyes

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Excellent experience, Pete is fair and honest. Thank you for your help.

Glenn Nizich

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The gentlemen I spoke with were very very knowledgeable on a wide variety of firearms ranging from 1850 Enfields to 1916 Mausers. The entire process was very professional and easy to learn from the professionals. I will definitely be doing more business with the friendly staff and experts at Karlan’s Arms. Thank you so much for all the help and your wide-based knowledge.

Matthew Roberson

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“I inherited an Antique Winchester Rifle handed down through the family for generations that I was looking to sell. I found Karlan Arms & Antiques on the computer and called them to discuss the item. The owner Peter answered and asked me to text him a few photos of the item which he reviewed and called me back. He informed me all about the rifle and made me a very fair offer which I accepted. He asked if I could drop it off at the local pack and ship and pick cash up at the local wire service at Walmart. I agreed and he wired me cash to the nearby Walmart and also paid for the shipping. I dropped it off at the pack and ship and he took care of everything from there. The whole experience couldn’t have been easier. From the initial phone call to receiving the money and shipping was totally convenient. I would highly recommend Peter and Karlan’s Arms if you are looking to sell any antique guns. He is super knowledgeable and was very easy to deal with.”

Worcester Mass.

“I acquired a collection of civil war swords and accouterments that I wanted to sell. I contacted Karlan’s on line and spoke to Peter. I sent him photos of the collection and he quickly made me an outstanding offer which I was surprised that it was that much! He had his agent meet me in Newport where I dropped everything off and picked up my cash. Call Karlan’s with your civil war and military items. You will not be disappointed!”

Woonsocket Mass.

“I inherited a large antique gun and sword collection when my dad passed away. Not knowing where to go with it I found Karlan’s Arms and Antiques on line. I texted Peter photos and he called me back. He made what I felt was a very fair offer. He drove to Atlanta where he picked up the items and paid me in cash. I would highly recommend him if you are in the same position as me.”


“I had an old Winchester Rifle and a bunch of old swords that were passed down through the family. I found Peter Karlan on line and sent him photos. He told me everything I had by the photos and I was amazed that he was so knowledgeable. He offered a good amount of money for the items and I met his agent in Cumming Ga. He paid cash and was really easy to deal with. If you sell your items to Pete you won’t be disappointed. He knows his stuff and was prompt and courteous.”


“I found Peter through his webiste when I was considering selling my Civil War Gun and Accouterment Collection that I had for over 20 years. I really was not up on current prices so I had given the collection to a local dealer who promised to evaluate and buy the items. However, after a number of weeks and many phone calls, the dealer was unreponsive and seemingly uninterested. I decided to retrieve my items from the other dealer after I called and spoke with Peter about the situation. Within a week Peter had booked a flight to Atlanta and arrived to evaluate the collection. In about 45 minutes Peter evaluated all of the items and propoed a very fair and educated offer which I was very pleased with. In less that a half hour he paid me in cash, professionally packed up all the items, and left for his flight back to Florida.If you are looking for a educated professional to work with in this type of situation I would highly reccomend Peter’s services. He is a no nonsense dealer who really knows the current market conditions and pays very fair for items. He handled the entire situation with a sense of urgency and got the deal done quicker than a local dealer. He is honest, responsive, and very easy to deal with”


“I was referred to Peter from a local gun shop when I was considering selling some antique Winchester Rifles and Antique Fly Rods that were passed down through the family. Peter came to my house and evaluated all of the items and began the process of researching the items. Within a few weeks, Peter had referred me to a gentleman that came to my house and paid a very fair price for the fly rods. The following week Peter had sold the Antique Winchesters and a pre Civil War Musket for a substantial amount of money. If you are looking for a professional to handle heirlooms, antique guns or sporting items you will not go wrong by working with Peter. He is very knowledgeable, straight forward, and results oriented. I highly reccomend him”

Palm City

“I met Peter through a local gun store where I went there on behalf of my son who had an antique hammer shot gun they wished to sell. The gun store recommended Peter and we met at the store an hour later. Peter took the gun and went to evaluate it in another room when he returned he went all through the gun with me and we finished up putting the on consignment. Realizing it could be a little while before it sold an English gun going back to 1873 is not what you go turkey shooting with in the south. Well nine days later I had a call to tell me he had sold the gun which was wonderful. I would recommend Peter Karlan in every way, he is an honest, straight forward young man who knows his business”

Stuart Fl

“I inherited a large collection of old guns, knives, and accessories from a dear friend who passed away in Florida. After being referred from a local gun shop, I met Peter in order for him to evaluate the collection. After the evaluation, he offered me a very fair price for the entire collection. He was prompt, honest, friendly, and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is looking to sell any collection or single item.”

Long Island

“I have been dealing with Peter for over five years and have conducted numerous transactions with him during that time. I have always been very satisfied with the items that I have both purchased and sold him. He is very fair, honest and knowledgeable about military collectibles. I often call him about items I am considering buying and he always taken the time to advise me on those purchases. If you are considering selling any antique guns or military items you will not go wrong by dealing with Peter.”
Tony Rizzo

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“I have been doing business with Peter for over twenty years and have high regards for his professionalism and industry knowledge. We met at a local collectible arms society many years ago and he has been dealing with antique guns and historical military items for over 30 years. He is very knowledgeable about antique arms, the diverse collectible field of militaria and antiques in general. As a professional in the antique and collectibles business he takes the long term view and his reputation continues to be sound because of his expertise, transparency and honesty. I would highly recommend him as a trusted source to buy your antique guns and military items.”
Dan Upperco

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“I’ve been dealing with Peter Karlan and Karlan’s Arms & Antiques for over 30 years now and have always had a great experience dealing with Peter. He’s one of the most honest and knowledgeable experts in the antique arms and military industry.”
Glenn Leeder

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“After my father passed away Peter was referred to us from a family friend to help settle the estate. He initially purchased some of the items in the house that we knew that we would not be keeping. Later after the home was sold we were advised that the rest of the items in the house had to be totally cleaned out within a short period of time. Living out of state, I did not know how to address this challenge so I called Peter to see if he could handle the task. After speaking with him we agreed on a price for the remaining items in the house. He sent me a check and proceeded to clean out the entire house. He finished the task ahead of the deadline which the realtors and buyers greatly appreciated. I would refer Peter to anyone who is looking to settle an estate or simply to sell some items. He is fair, honest, trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. It was a pleasure dealing with him”


“My brother passed away and left me a house full of antiques and collectibles. Not knowing what to do, I called antique dealers who came to the house and offered me $350.00 for what appeared to the best items. After passing on their offer, Peter was referred to me by a family friend. After assessing the contents, he offered me five times the amount as the other dealers. He then took time to pack and remove the items and helped clean out the contents. He left the house swept and clean which was a tremendous help. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is selling items. He was courteous, professional, honest, and kind”

Port St. Lucie

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